Your first day in the lab

As you may already know, the lab is located here:

6001 Research Park Blvd
Madison, WI 53719

Below is a satellite shot of our building, on which we have outlined in green where you can park in our lot. If there are no parking spaces available when you arrive, you may also find parking on Tokay Blvd behind the building. (Just make sure to check the parking signs on Tokay to ensure that you are parking legally.)

directions to back entrance of the building

If you are instead traveling by bus, the West Transfer Point is on Tokay and within walking distance of the lab. Just follow the drive from Tokay (see lower right quadrant of satellite photo) up to the back parking lot of our building.

When you arrive, please enter the back entrance of the building. I have circled this entrance in red on the attached map. You can get there by walking down the long drive (highlighted with the red arrow) and then making two quick right turns just after the drive ends.

Our building requires keycard access to enter, so you will need to call someone to let you in. You can call CSC Manager Dr. Jonathan Lang on his office phone (608-262-7128) or his cell phone when you arrive and he will let you in. To obtain Dr. Lang’s cellphone #, please email him at

On your first day at the lab, please arrive no earlier than 10:45am. Also, make sure to email Dr. Lang to let him know when you plan to arrive on your first day.

One more thing: Our facilities are half clinical and half research. While the current regulations are that you must mask while in all clinical areas, in research areas this is not required. Since the backdoor indicated in the above map opens directly into a research area, you will NOT need a mask to enter there. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK THOUGH WHEN ENTERING ANY DOOR OTHER THAN THE ONE SPECIFIED IN THE MAP.