Jonathan Lang, PhD

CSC Manager and Researcher


Jonathan Lang manages the Center for Sleep and Consciousness (CSC) at the University of Wisconsin. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy from UW-Madison, where he specialized in Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science. He has been at the CSC since 2015, where he works with Prof Giulio Tononi on the integrated information theory of consciousness. His research is currently focused on issues at the intersection of consciousness science, philosophy of science and confirmation theory. He is also the co-founder of Philosophy TV, a vlog featuring discussions between philosophers on a variety of issues in philosophy of science and ethics.

Research Interests: Consciousness, Cognition, Philosophy of Science, Causation, Confirmation Theory, Consciousness and Moral Status

Selected Publications

Albantakis L, Barbosa LS, Findlay G, Grasso M, Haun AM, Marshall W, Mayner WGP, Zaeemzadeh A, Boly M, Juel BE, Sasai S, Fujii K, David I, Hendren J, Lang JP, Tononi G (2023) Integrated information theory (IIT) 4.0: Formulating the properties of phenomenal existence in physical terms. arXiv [q-bio.NC]. doi: 2212.14787

Grasso* M, Albantakis* L, Lang JP, Tononi G (2021) Causal reductionism and causal structures. Nature Neuroscience, 24: 1348-1355. doi: 10.1038/s41593-021-00911-8

Ellia F, Hendren J, Grasso M, Kozma C, Mindt G, Lang JP, Haun A, Albantakis L, Boly M and Tononi G (2021) Consciousness is a structure, not a function. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 2021(2). doi: 10.1093/nc/niab032

Lang JP, Haun AH (forthcoming) Mind and Foundation. In Heter J and Simpson JT (eds.) Foundation and Philosophy, Carus books.