Setting up your personal profile page on the CSC website

Who should have a profile page?

If you are a new postdoc, scientist, salaried research assistant, student hourly, or visiting scholar (even one without a paid UW appt), then you should have a personal profile page on our website.

What information can you put on your profile page?

On your profile page, you’ll have the option of adding your email (via a ‘Contact’ button), links to other pages (a blog, personal website, google scholar profile, research gate profile, etc.), a bio, a research statement, selected publications, a link to a downloadable copy of your CV (you must host it yourself on a google drive), and a picture of yourself. Here are some examples of pages for your reference:

Examples of pages for Scientists: 1, 2

Examples of pages for Postdocs: 1, 2

Example of pages for Graduate Students: 1, 2

Example of a page for a Visiting Honorary Scholar: 1

Example of page for an Undergraduate: 1

Setting up your page

So that we know what content you’d like to have on your page, we’ve created the following google form to collect the information (NOTE: You must be logged into a gmail account to submit the form):

Google form for setting up your profile page

We want everyone to have a picture up on the site, so you should upload one. Please take note of the circular frame we use for the profile page pics so that you choose a picture of yourself that will crop nicely within the frame.