Renzo Comolatti

Honorary Fellow


I’m a PhD student at the Mind, Brain and Reasoning program at the University of Milan, under the supervision of Prof. Marcello Massimini. The general aim of my project is to develop conceptual and empirical tools for understanding the relationship between brain perturbations, neural mechanisms and consciousness. I’m currently an honorary fellow at the CSC, where I’m working on applying IIT to temporal experience under the guidance of Prof. Giulio Tononi. I’m also interested in the significance of IIT – and other theories of consciousness – for philosophy, science and other fields.

Research Interests: consciousness, brain stimulation, causation, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science.

Selected Publications

Arena, A., Comolatti, R., Thon, S., Casali, A. G., Storm, J. General anaesthesia disrupts complex cortical dynamics in response to intracranial electrical perturbation in rats. BioRxiv (2020)

Juel, B. E., Comolatti, R., Tononi, G., Albantakis, L. When is an action caused from within? Quantifying the causal chain leading to actions in simulated agents. ALIFE 2019: The 2019 Conference on Artificial Life (2019)

Comolatti, R., Pigorini, A., Casarotto, S., Fecchio, M., Faria, G., Sarasso, S., Rosanova, M., Gosseries, O., Boly, M., Bodart, O., Ledoux, D., Brichant, J., Nobili, L., Laureys, S., Tononi, G., Massimini, M., Casali, A. (2018) A fast and general method to empirically estimate the complexity of distributed causal interactions in the brain. Brain Stimulation (2019)