Video resources

12/2018: Dr. Cirelli’s talk ‘Sleep, synaptic homeostasis and neuronal firing rates’ for the 2018 Meeting of the Physiological Society.

1/2019: Dr. Chiara Cirelli’s lecture on the Sleeping Brain for the 2019 Kaust Winter Enrichment Program


9/2017: The Cerebrum podcast sits down with Prof. Dr. Cirelli to discuss the sleeping brain.

10/2020: In this talk for MIT’s Simons Center for the Social Brain, Dr. Chiara Cirelli discusses the rationale underlying the Synaptic Homeostasis Hypothesis (SHY) and summarizes the electrophysiological, molecular and ultrastructural studies in flies, rodents and humans that confirm its main predictions.

1/2019: In this interview for the Kaust 2019 Winter Enrichment Festival, Dr. Chiara Cirelli discusses her research on sleep and the Synaptic Homeostasis Hypothesis.

5/2021: Dr. Chiara Cirelli’s lecture for 2021 EITN Workshop

9/2019: In this FQXi talk, Assistant Prof. Larissa Albantakis discusses how the causal framework of IIT can be used to give an account of agents and their actions.

Consciousness and Causation

6/2021: Prof. Giulio Tononi discusses the IIT’s implications for freewill for the 2nd annual meeting of the Neuroscience of Freewill Consortium.

10/2021: Assistant Prof. Larissa Albantakis discusses how causal analysis can is necessary to solve certain individuation problems that other theories of consciousness are ill-equipped to solve.

12/2014: Tutorial by Dr. Christof Koch

9/2020: Tutorial by graduate student Renzo Comolatti (Univ of Milan) – Part I

8/2020: Dr. Andrew Haun presents the IIT account of spatial experience.

IIT Lectures and Tutorials

1/2020: Tutorial by Dr. Matteo Grasso and Dr. Bjørn Juel for the Open symposium on scientific theories of consciousness (Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo)

9/2020: Tutorial by graduate student Renzo Comolatti (Univ of Milan) – Part II

8/2020: Dr. Jonathan Lang narrates a short tutorial on spatial experience.

12/2020: Lecture for ‘Neural basis of consciousness’ course by Prof. Nao Tsuchiya (Monash University)

9/2014: In his lecture ‘Consciousness, here there and everywhere’, Christof Koch discusses IIT and the kinds of systems it predicts can be conscious.

5/2020: Dr. Andrew Haun discusses what can be consciously experienced within the visual field.