Software, Access to Servers, and IT resources

Getting set up with a Psychiatry account so that you can access software and hardware resources

If you have a NetID, we can get you set up with a Psychiatry account. This entails having your supervisor filling out an onboarding form with you and submitting it to our IT department. On your first day at the CSC, please see our manager Dr. Jonathan Lang and he will work with you to get you a Psychiatry account.

Where can I find the software I need for my project?

Once you have a NetID and a Psychiatry account, you’ll be able log into your lab workstation and install software on it. Visit our campus software library to download free licensed versions of Windows and Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Software, and programs like Mathematica, Matlab, SAS and SPSS. In some cases, you may be able to install this software on your personal devices as well.

I’m going to be working on large data sets requiring lots of storage, and/or analysis and modeling tasks that require significant computing power. How do I get access to your storage and computational servers?

IT resources

Having problems with your workstation? With software installation? VPN access? Accessing Psychiatry drives, QNAP storage devices or our servers? For issues such as these you should email our IT team at the Psychiatry help desk. Here is their email:

Before contacting IT though, check out the Psychiatry Help Desk website as you may be able to find answers to many of your questions there.