Urszula Górska, PhD

Research Assistant


I believe that our understanding of the world needs to start from understanding ourselves, which is what led me to research the neuronal bases of consciousness and sleep. My path to becoming a researcher was slightly intense: I completed MA in Neurobiology, Biophysics and BA in Cognitive Science, I learned about TMS-EEG technique in Milan and patch-clamp technique in Slovenia, and I received my first research grant from National Science Center in Poland (my country of origin) and PhD in Neuroscience from The Donders Institute in Netherlands. With two fantastic supervisors, Marek Binder, PhD and Bernhard Englitz, PhD, I studied brain reactions to periodic auditory and texture stimulation with an aim toward developing diagnostic tools for patients with disorders of consciousness.

I am now a member of a unique, interdisciplinary group of UW researchers who use both micro-and macro scale empirical approaches and philosophical considerations in order to further our understanding of consciousness. Currently, I am working with Dr. Melanie Boly to investigate consciousness in epileptic seizures and am a part of the Templeton Adversarial Research Collaboration which seeks to verify the most influential theories of consciousness.

Research Interests: epileptic seizures, disorders of consciousness, sleep, auditory domain.

Selected Publications

U. Górska, A. Rupp, T. Celikel, B. Englitz, (2020). Assessing the level of consciousness for individual patients using complex, statistical stimuli, Neuroimage Clinical, 102471.

U. Górska, M. Binder, (2019). Low- and medium-rate auditory steady-state responses in patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness correlate with Coma Recovery Scale – Revised score, International Journal of Psychophysiology 144, 56-62.

U. Górska, M. Binder, (2019). Auditory-steady state responses to amplitude-modulated tones in awake and NREM sleep, International Journal of Psychophysiology, 135, 44-54.

U. Górska, A. Rupp, Y. Boubenec, T. Celikel, & B. Englitz, (2018). Evidence Integration in Natural Acoustic Textures during Active and Passive Listening. eNeuro, 5(2), ENEURO-0090.