Sophia Sayako Loschky

Research Associate


Sophia Loschky received her BS in Biology with a minor in Genetics at the University of Kansas. There she worked with Dr. Stuart Macdonald in the department of molecular science, going into the genetic basis of complex trait variation. She maintained the internationally used Drosophila Synthetic Population Resource and performed microscopic dissections, imaging, and DNA extractions to analyze their quantitative genes. After four years working at the University of Kansas Sophia went to work in Dr. Chiara Cirelli’s laboratory in the department of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. Since 2014 she has maintained Drosophila stocks, performed microscopic dissections, and segmented neural cell images from the flies. She currently handles and trains mice, performs DNA extractions, analyzes the data, and performs the EM image staining of the mouse brain samples for the segmentation and data collection of neural cells. Since she started in Dr. Cirelli’s laboratory, she has trained many people to segment the complex microscopic neural images from different regions of the mouse brain.

Research Interests: microscopic imaging, image analysis, genetic research, laboratory animal handling.

Selected Publications

Spano, G. M., Banningh, S. W., Marshall, W., de Vivo, L., Bellesi, M., Loschky, S. S., Tononi, G. & Cirelli, C. (2019). Sleep deprivation by exposure to novel objects increases synapse density and axon–spine interface in the hippocampal CA1 region of adolescent mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 39(34), 6613-6625.