Melanie Boly, MD, PhD


I am a neurologist and neuroscientist with a joint appointment in Neurology and Psychiatry. I have worked since more than fifteen years in the field of altered states of consciousness such as vegetative state, sleep and anesthesia, under the mentorship of Pr. Steven Laureys, Pierre Maquet, Adrian Owen, Marcello Massimini and Karl Friston. My research aims at combining neuroimaging techniques such as PET, functional MRI, TMS-EEG, and high-density EEG to a theoretical framework, the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness, hoping to uncover the neural mechanisms of the level and contents of consciousness in healthy subjects and neurological patients. I am board certified in neurology in both Europe and the US.

My work has led to date to numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals (~150 Pubmed-indexed articles, current Google Scholar H-index 77) and invited talks at international conferences (please see some videos in Talks tab). I am also currently Associate Editor of the journals Neuroimage, Frontiers in Consciousness Research, Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods and Neuroscience of Consciousness.

Research Interests: consciousness, epilepsy, sleep, coma, disorders of consciousness, integrated information theory.

Selected Publications

Tononi G, Boly M, Grasso M, Hendren J, Juel BE, Mayner WGP, Marshall W, Koch C (2022) IIT, half masked and half disfigured. Behav Brain Sci., 45: e60. doi: 10.1017/S0140525X21001990. PMID: 35319429

Koch, C., Massimini, M., Boly, M., & Tononi, G. (2016). Neural correlates of consciousness: progress and problems. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 17(5), 307-321.

Boly, M., Massimini, M., Tsuchiya, N., Postle, B. R., Koch, C., & Tononi, G. (2017). Are the neural correlates of consciousness in the front or in the back of the cerebral cortex? Clinical and neuroimaging evidence. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(40), 9603-9613.

Siclari, F., Baird, B., Perogamvros, L., Bernardi, G., LaRocque, J. J., Riedner, B., Boly, M., Postle, B.R. and Tononi, G. (2017). The neural correlates of dreaming. Nature neuroscience, 20(6), 872.