Matias Cavelli, PhD


Due to my fascination with the mysteries of sleep, in 2009 I joined the Sleep Neurobiology Lab of the Faculty of Medicine (UdelaR) where I took my first steps in research. I began working on how the passage of sensory information is modulated by cortical electrographic and behavioral states. Since then, I have dedicated myself to studying multiple aspects of sleep neurobiology, specializing in electrophysiological experiments in different animal models such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats and humans. In 2013 I joined the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine as an Instructor and then as a Research Assistant in 2017. In 2019 I moved to Madison to work as a Research Associate (postdoc) at the Center for Sleep and Consciousness, where I am currently exploring various aspects of sleep neurobiology and consciousness in animal models.

Research Interests: Sleep Neurobiology, Electrophysiology; Consciousness, Rhythms of the brain, Sensory Physiology, Audition, Nasal Respiration