Beril Mat, MD

Research Coordinator


I am a research coordinator working with Dr. Melanie Boly at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Neurology and collaborate with Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness. I also collaborate with Dr. Olivia Gosseries at Coma Science Group, University of Liege on paradoxical effects of Zolpidem and signs of consciousness in patients with disorders of consciousness. I was a visiting researcher at WISC during the summer of 2017, and have been interested in the scientific study of consciousness since then. I work with hdEEG data and aim to improve the evidence based clinical care of patients with altered states of consciousness. Besides the clinical aspects and implications of consciousness research, I am interested in understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of dreaming.

Research Interests: Altered states of consciousness, hdEEG, sleep, dreaming, mental imagery, clinical implications