Steps for gaining access to the animal facilities

(1) Complete your HIPAA training online here. If you cannot access the training module, log in to Canvas in your browser and reclick the link. If that does not work, you will need to email the HIPAA Privacy Coordinator for the School of Medicine and Public Health to request access. Here is the contact information for our Privacy Coordinator:

Ryan Moze, (608) 263-0196,

You can just write something like the following in your email to Ryan: “I am a UW-Madison employee/student who is starting in the Dept of Psychiatry and I need to take the HIPAA training. Can you please enroll me?”

(2) Complete your Biosafety training module in Canvas here. Once complete you may immediately proceed to step 3 below, but the next time you are physically at the lab please fill out the following online agreement form to indicate that you have familiarized yourself with the important protocols involving lab-specific item locations and safety procedures.

(3) Take the online RARC training module for ‘Animal User Orientation’ here.

(4) Take the online ‘Safety for Personnel with Animal Contact’ course on Canvas here.

(5) Complete and submit the following 3 forms in the following order:

(i) ‘OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: Authorization for Release of Occupational Health Records’ form

(ii) ‘OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: Privacy Notice and Consent to Treat’ form

(iii) ‘Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire (ACRQ)’ form (NOTE: You will need help from us to complete this form. From your email account, please email Kort at with the subject line ‘Please send ACRQ instructions’ and he will send along information to help you)

You will need to be logged into your myUHS in order to find, complete, and submit these forms. If you are a student or a paid employee, you will automatically have a myUHS account and will be able to sign in with your netID here. (If you are NOT a student or a paid employee, you will need to first set up your myUHS account here.) Once you are logged into myUHS, complete the forms using the following directions:

    • Click on “Medical Clearances” on left-hand side of the screen
    • Click on ‘OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: Authorization for Release of Occupational Health Records’
    • Complete and submit the form
    • Go back to ‘Medical Clearances’ section of myUHS.
    • This time click on ‘OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: Privacy Notice and Consent to Treat’
    • Complete and submit the form
    • Go back to the main page your myUHS account.
    • Click on “Message” in the left-hand column
    • Click on “New Message”
    • Select ‘Questionnaires & Forms’
    • Select ‘Occupational Medicine (ACRQ, RMEQ, SPLAAAF, Tb etc)’
    • Select ‘ACRQ – Animal Contact Risk Assessment Questionnaire’
    • Complete form and submit

(6) Please send us an email ( to let us know you have successfully completed steps 1-5 above. At this point, we’ll make sure that you are added to our protocol.

(7) Afterwards, look for an email from RARC to schedule your in-person mouse training. Schedule your training asap. Also, be aware that RARC may ask you (via email or during the in-person class) about what techniques you will need to learn. Unless we tell you otherwise, please tell them that you need to learn the following two techniques: IP injections and subcutaneous injections.

(8) Before you attend the in-person class, complete BRMS online orientation, Microisolator Online Training, and complete a BRMS Request for Access Form in order to gain keycard access to our animal facilities. The online orientation/training consists of reading through this BRMS document and following the proper links. Link to Microisolator Online Training can be found in the BRMS document above. Please also download and then fill out this BRMS Request for Access Form. To save time, I’ve populated some of the fields for you. Email the completed form to Richard Carson ( and cc

(9) Complete your scheduled in-person mouse training.

(10) Schedule a walk-through tour of our animal facility. You can do this by emailing Richard Carson at or by calling him at 608-262-7566.