Obtaining building access

Keycard access – only for those with a paid or honorary UW appointment

In order to obviate the need for people to let you into the building all the time, it is important that you obtain building perimeter access as soon as possible. There are three steps to obtaining building access:

(1) Get a Wiscard (if you don’t already have one). Since your Wiscard ID acts as your keycard to the building, you must first obtain a Wiscard to get building access (see this page for links on how and where to get your Wiscard).

(2) Download and complete the following two forms. Please download, fully complete and sign the following form:

Building access agreement form

NOTE: The Wiscard ID number required for the form’s third field is the long number in the lower right of THE BACKSIDE of your Wiscard.

Please also download the following form and complete ONLY the first five fields of the form and the ‘Access Request is for’ section:

Building access request form

For this form, your anticipated start date of access will be the date your appointment starts, while the anticipated end date of access will be when you expect your appointment to end.

If you know that you will be involved in either overnight sleep studies involving humans or TMS/EEG research, please also check the box ‘WisPic Sleep Study Stairway Door (B100M)’ in the section entitled ‘What type of access is needed (check all that apply)’.

(3) Send the completed forms to us via email. If you are in the Albantakis lab, email the forms to albantakis@wisc.edu. If you are in the Cirelli or Tononi lab, email your forms to loschky@wisc.edu. If you are in the Boly lab, email your forms to boly@neurology.wisc.edu.

It usually takes 24hrs after form submission for access to be added to your card. If your card still does not work 24-48hrs after form submission, send another email to notify us of this.

Finally, if you will require access to our animal facilities, you’ll need to take further steps (see details here). For now though, you should go ahead and submit the above access forms though without indicating anything about the animal facilities so that you can get basic perimeter access to our building as soon as possible.