For researchers working with human subjects or human subject data

You are required to take certain training modules to work with human subjects and handle their data. So long as you have a NetID/Wiscmail address, you can take these training modules even if you have not yet arrived on campus. Here are links to the necessary trainings:

(1) Complete your HIPAA training online here. If you cannot access the training module, log in to Canvas in your browser and reclick the link. If that does not work, you will need to email the HIPAA Privacy Coordinator for the School of Medicine and Public Health to request access. Here is the contact information for our Privacy Coordinator:

Ryan Moze, (608) 263-0196,

You can just write something like the following in your email to Ryan: “I am a UW-Madison employee/student who is starting in the Dept of Psychiatry and I need to take the HIPAA training. Can you please enroll me?”

(2) Complete your CITI training online here. You need only complete the Basic Course.

If you plan on performing human subject research for an already approved fMRI study, you will be required to complete further forms and trainings. More specifically, you’ll need to fill out the MRI Screening Form, verify completion of the CITI training module(s) required by your IRB, verify completion of current HIPAA training and watch an fMRI safety video. Depending on the medical information provided on the MRI Screening Form, you may need to submit further forms. You’ll find everything you need for this under the ‘Once you are approved’ section of the following webpage:

(3) Lane Neuroimaging Lab webpage.